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I got into some trouble this January. A girl falsely claimed that I touched her multiple times without her consent when she was in my home. The police investigated me later. I was in panic. I googled and contacted multiple criminal lawyers in Melbourne to help me. At last I chose Elizabeth and I am glad that I made the right choice. She was professional, deligent and so nice to people. She really has empathy which was so helpful to me when I was on the edge of abyss. After 5 months, the police decided not to charge me probably because they don't have enough evidence. Or because my lawyer is this wonderful barrister. Thx!

Nick Avatar Nick

Throughout the entire process, Elizabeth demonstrated a deep understanding of the law and an unwavering commitment to achieving an outcome that was absolutely amazing. Her attention to detail, empathy, and thorough research were evident in every aspect of the case. It was truly remarkable to witness her analytical prowess and ability to unravel even the most intricate legal issues. Elizabeth is undoubtedly among the best in her field and stood by us as a guardian angel from start to finish. We would highly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking top tier legal representation.

Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

I am in my later years and had to appear in country court and I contacted Elizabeth McKinnon, she said, "leave it with me" and as a result I didn't have to appear, and only received a mandatory sentence, a small fine and NO conviction recorded. THANK YOU for your brilliant work in the courthouse and your Bubbling personality outside the courtroom. Bobby C.

Bob Case Avatar Bob Case

Elizabeth is a remarkable Barrister. She is so professional in her job, and she makes you feel that you're her only client. It's that personal communication and advice that makes you feel you're in good hands. The case close to me in question had very serious criminal charges (8 in total) Elizabeth went beyond expectations. Her experience is priceless. Elizabeth achieved the best possible results, with just a couple of fines and no convictions on all charges. Looking for a Barrister, don't look any further, Elizabeth McKinnon is the one.

Charlie Goldie Avatar Charlie Goldie

Elizabeth is hands down the best Barrister in Victoria, I would highly recommend her without hesitation! Elizabeth is tough as it comes, she will fight till the death for you, she eats, sleeps and breaths this stuff! I wouldn’t use anyone else!!

B B Avatar B B

Elizabeth Mckinnon is a fantastic lawyer and I highly recommend her. The service she provided was excellent due to the high level of expertise she possesses, the level of support she gave and her outstanding commitment throughout the case. She achieved an amazing result and I am deeply grateful for her counsel and guidance throughout the matter.

Genevieve Plozza Avatar Genevieve Plozza

After being poorly represented by another firm, I was facing some serious legal trouble. I was at the point of giving up and was ready to take whatever they were going to throw at me. Thankfully after only one phone call to Elizabeth, I was put at ease because I knew I had someone on my side who was up for the job. Not once did Elizabeth give me false hope, leave me hanging, mislead me regarding costs or fail to represent me or treat me with anything aside from respect and decency. Elizabeth gave me fair and reasonable expectations of outcome yet over-delivered every time. If you are the victim of legal trouble through no fault of your own, I cannot recomment asking Elizabeth McKinnon to be in your corner fighting for you. Elizabeth is a legal machine and doesn't have an off button when there is work to be done. You simply won't find better legal representation! Thanks again Elizabeth, I don't have the words to express how grateful I am for your help.

Daniel Thaxter Avatar Daniel Thaxter

What a dead set gun of a Baristar, has your back to the hilt, none stop take no prisoners approach at the crown no matter how long the court case dragged on for, in my case 4 1/2 years with a not guilty verdict of all charges at the end. She always has an ace up her sleeve and goes bang out of no where, when they lease suspect it. She’s the one people…….. love yah Lizzy! Thanks for always going in to bat for me , you always have my back in those times of need. Thank you 🙏

Moroccan Prince Avatar Moroccan Prince

Before covid, I was faced with a series of false allegations. The stress surrounding these allegations had a devastating effect on my health, well being, and my family. The manner and professionalism shown by Elizabeth was simply, outstanding. She prepared my case with the facts, prepared the evidence precisely, and reassured me along the way with every step. Over two years went by, due to pandemic court delays, and I was finally allowed to present the facts on the table. Elizabeth spoke directly, and only needed to present a fraction of the evidence. It took only 2 minutes for my case to be finally withdrawn, and thrown out without hesitation by the court. I can not thank Elizabeth Mckinnon enough for her high-class expertise, honesty, integrity, and reassuring manner throughout the entire pandemic and court process. I am forever grateful.

Shane Wellard Avatar Shane Wellard

We love Elizabeth McKinnon for her practice, depth of experience and brilliant legal mind. Elizabeth is passionate about her clients and getting the best outcome. From the initial phone call, subsequent meetings, her attendance, attention to detail from start to finish our experience has been exceptional. Elizabeth and her team helped streamline and navigate what is already a complex court process. We highly recommend Elizabeth for her professionalism and always going the extra mile for her clients!

L L Avatar L L

Elizabeth is undoubtably the best barrister in town! She helped me with my intervention order matter and other things. She made everything so simple and made me feel like it was her fight, not mine! She makes you feel comfortable and supports you like a friend. She is fearless and sharp and intelligent! I highly recommend her to everyone

Rev SD Avatar Rev SD

If you are requiring a criminal barrister then Elizabeth is my recommendation. Her no nonsense, honest and genuine care for her client is fantastic. Highly experienced in her field, Elizabeth’s positive results speak for themselves. Exceptional service. Thank you Elizabeth.

Ben D Avatar Ben D

I have only the highest praise and recommendation for Elizabeth. She took on my case five years ago and has been so efficient, thorough and reassuring all the way through a very stressful and harrowing experience. Nothing was too high a hurdle for Elizabeth and her team, Simone and Lisa. Not only was Elizabeth very professional but she became almost a member of my family, supporting us and encouraging a positive outlook as we faced the court. I strongly recommend Elizabeth and her team to anyone needing a no nonsense, supportive and professional Criminal Lawyer

Philip Renehanssdhjd hh Avatar Philip Renehanssdhjd hh

Elizabeth is incredibly talented with genuine client care. Her legal expertise and execution provided the greatest comfort and resulted in a terrific outcome. Her professionalism and empathy demonstrated was first class throughout the entire process. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Marulli Avatar Nicholas Marulli

What can I say one of the best criminal defence lawyers and person in general I have ever meet so caring wonderful always does what she says with excellent results communication straight to the point has helped me and members of my family wouldn't use no one else I'm for ever grateful for all your help thanks again ❤️

Craig Brereton Avatar Craig Brereton

Elizabeth is hands down the best Barrister in Victoria, I would highly recommend her without hesitation! Elizabeth is tough as it comes, she will fight till the death for you, she eats, sleeps and breaths this stuff! I wouldn’t use anyone else!!

Anonymous Avatar Anonymous

Used Elizabeth on multiple occasions, everytime she is extremely honest and thorough,with a care for customers that is not reguarly seen these day.. You could not ask for more!

Mitch Jackson Avatar Mitch Jackson

When I met Elizabeth McKinnon I immediately knew that I was in the best hands. I have never met a barrister that made me feel like I was the most important person that she was going to work hard for. Elizabeth was so honest & upfront with me, I had the best outcome & I only have Elizabeth to thank, I would only recommend someone if they truly deserved it and Elizabeth does, she goes over and above any expectations with such professionalism. Thank you for all that you have done for me! Marie Lettieri

Marie Lettieri Avatar Marie Lettieri

What can I say! This woman is totally amazing. An extremely difficult case, but her enthusiasm and diligence was incredulous. A brilliant result achieved. No hesitation in recommending her.

Karen Pepper Avatar Karen Pepper

Elizabeth OMG what a amazing Barrister. She goes above and beyond to achieve the best outcome. Would highly recommend her services to anyone.I’ve never had or known a barrister who fights as much as Elizabeth does.

kim zaffina Avatar kim zaffina

Elizabeth McKinnon is fantastic lawyer and her support provided to us is highly appreciated. Her immense knowledge and legal expertise enabled us to have the best person for the job. Her compassion and demeanour provided us with the assurances we needed in the most crucial of times. I would strongly advise all people that need professional legal representation to pursue Elizabeth as she is very effective in the way she works.

Mohamed Hashi Avatar Mohamed Hashi

Elizabeth McKinnon is a world class barrister. Her services provided to us were of a high quality and I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to pursue her services. Her support to our family in our time of need was extraordinary, her professionalism and attention to detail was outstanding. I would definitely recommended anyone and everyone to engage with her as she is of a world class stature in terms of legal representation.

Safiyo Anbar Avatar Safiyo Anbar

Thankyou Elizabeth and your team for all you have done for our family. Your professionalism and knowledge are amazing. You were there for us from the first day we called and worked with us to understand the very complicated justice system. You worked day and night to get the awesome result for our son. We will be forever grateful and consider you as part of our family. Elizabeth you are a very beautiful human being and I would recommend your services to anyone. Words cannot describe what you have done for our family. Andrew and Jill Cowan

Jill Cowan Avatar Jill Cowan

Elizabeth was fantastic from start to finish I can not say enough I have love and respect For her she fights hard for you and never backs down thanks again and for the letter you wrote Definitely recommend

grant gaskell Avatar grant gaskell

My name is Lalit Giri this is a honest and true review. I had my court hearing today I was stress and lost . In short notice of only 4 hours Barrister Elizabeth.M Solved my very imp case of 2 years against St Kilda Police. And I won .Elizabeth is a very honest human ; Not only this my money was refunded as well as she Understand the situation and a nature of legal system. This review is based on my own experience I hope all lawyers follow Barrister Elizabeths foot step and be Honest to the profession life will be like Adam and Eve. Regards Lalit Giri

Lalit Giri Avatar Lalit Giri

The moment I was served I knew this historical allegation was serious and had the potential to affect not only my life but my whole family as well.In a blind panic I googled ‘sexual assault crime lawyer’ and there on the screen before me was Elizabeth McKinnon.In the late afternoon of a public holiday I didn’t expect anyone to pick up the phone but, Elizabeth did.She spent an hour talking through my situation and then requested the brief of evidence.From that moment until today (4years total) Elizabeth has been my advocate and staunchest supporter.Elizabeth is a straight shooter who never inflated my expectations however, I always felt she believed in my innocence and would fight for me till the very end.I cannot express my gratitude for her knowledge, expertise, support and tenaciousness.If you want the best, or if you need the best, then Elizabeth McKinnon IS THE BEST.

david newsome Avatar david newsome

I don’t have enough words to thank Mrs. McKinnon for her amazing work and support she gave me during the intervention order raised by my former employer and case court hearing. Her professionalism, knowledge, passion and dedication for work as well as help she provided me as her client went above and beyond her official duty as lawyer. She is also an amazing human being by showing compassion, kindness and care in this hardest moment we need the most. I could not find a better lawyer to represent me. She is worth each cent she charges for her work and much more. I wish her the best in life and again send many thanks for defending me in my case and achieving a positive outcome. Thank you Elizabeth.

Stana Gligorevic Avatar Stana Gligorevic

All I can say is Thank God I came across Elizabeth McKinnon!! I found myself in a situation with multiple IVO breaches in which I thought were allowable, like texting my partner Merry Christmas or asking about the kids, but they were not. It has and is a very difficult time in my life and Elizabeth understood this. I couldn't believe I was in this situation in which I was facing a criminal conviction. As soon as I rang Elizabeth I felt a weight off my shoulders. She wanted to meet me straight away and explain my situation. She treated me fairly and without judgement which was amazing. The day at court was touch and go, but I knew she would do a fantastic job as she was well prepared, she knew my case and most importantly she was on my side, which to be honest meant more to me than anything above all else!! I was prepared for the worst, but the outcome was amazing, a non conviction with a minor requirement to complete a course I was already voluntarily enrolled it. I have used multiple barristers and solicitors for family court and IVO matters and at times you think any solicitor etc will do. But let me tell you, having the wrong solicitor or barrister will cost you thousands. I have had that experience. Elizabeth is at the top of her field and I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank You Elizabeth....

Martin Fedmowski Avatar Martin Fedmowski

Elizabeth McKinnon,,, barrister at law,,, is the best in defence,,, forget about the rest,,,,GA****🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🐐💯%

George Agelakis Avatar George Agelakis

Elizabeth’s approach was straightforward, no nonsense and professional. She immediately helped me feel at ease during a very stressful period. Her knowledge and experience were evident, and I knew that I was going into court with the best legal representation possible. It turned out that I was correct, and we achieved a very positive outcome. I would highly recommend Elizabeth without a second thought.

Brett Oliver Avatar Brett Oliver

Elizabeth helped me without hesitation, and I enthusiastically recommend her.

Mark Simmons Avatar Mark Simmons

Elizabeth is one of the most caring and capable person I’ve ever met. I still remember walking into her chambers and straight away I knew I was in good hands. She fights for your rights and doesn’t back down. She genuinely cares about her clients, she is honest, tells it as it is, and delivers what she promises. Because of Elizabeth, I got the best outcome; she literally saved my life!!! I will be forever indebted to her. If you need a strong legal council, don’t look anywhere else!!

Matt O Avatar Matt O

Elizabeth's knowledge and professionalism is second to none, cannot thank her enough for what she has done to help me and my family. I will forever be grateful for her representation. Highly Recommend Elizabeth's services as she is by far the best in her field. Thank you Elizabeth

Steven Sahyoune Avatar Steven Sahyoune

Couldn't express with words my gratitude towards this lady.

Gaston Wendler Avatar Gaston Wendler

Elizabeth is very skilled in what she does but so down to earth . She is strongly recommended by myself and family and we have no hesitation in saying if you want the very best at what they do why look any further.

Sylvia Monks Avatar Sylvia Monks

Elizabeth McKinnon is a rare blend of high professionalism, knowledge, skill, experience, compassion and integrity. The successful outcome of my case meant the preservation of my two greatest assets - my health and my reputation. I was in a high state of trauma at the time - so having Elizabeth to represent me - made me feel very safe and secure, no matter what the outcome could be. Despite my case being relatively small compared to her main case work - Elizabeth saw mine as no less important. I owe my life and the reputation I so highly value - to her. I will never forget it. I am eternally grateful to you Elizabeth - you are a tremendous soul. And the very best your speciality has to offer. THANKYOU from the bottom of my heart.

AL10 Avatar AL10

Could not recommend Elizabeth enough. Her hard work and determination resulting in an unbelievable outcome for my husband's case. We are forever grateful.

Victoria K Avatar Victoria K

Elizabeth is a highly professional, committed and dedicated Criminal Barrister, in fact, the best! Elizabeth worked on my case, and I felt completely supported and safe in her hands! Elizabeth is passionate towards achieving the best possible outcome for all her clients! She got my life back! Thank you Elizabeth, for always being there for the entire journey and for getting my life back! You are just a lifesaver!

Chris Lennon Avatar Chris Lennon

I was falsely accused of assault and looking for the right legal representation, which is important to me not only seeking justice but also shedding light on the journey towards truth for others who may be navigating similar challenges. Finally, my case was withdrawn and Her determination is a beacon of hope amidst the stormy seas of uncertainty. Trust Elizabeth and give her room to work, you will definitely find the Justice!


We are highly satisfied with our experience, Elizabeth was a thorough professional. She always explained to us what to expect, what the likely outcome would be, and then she achieved it. Elizabeth was so caring to our whole family, we would recommend Elizabeth for everything she did for us, she is so well managed , and focused on providing a great experience and outcome. Thank you so very much Elizabeth we will never forget what you done for us.

Renee Petrusma Avatar Renee Petrusma

First of all, I would like to thank Elizabeth for accommodating our case. She guided us all through out the process. She is always reachable or otherwise, she will call you back as soon as she can. That's one of the things I love about her. I was really nervous seeking a lawyer because I don't have any experience about this but she is so warm and very direct to the point. You can notice to her that she only wants what's best for her client and she is an expert on the field. Her skill and dedication to the case were the things that reassured us that our case will get the best resolution at fastest way possible.

Charlene Dometita Avatar Charlene Dometita

I am so grateful to have come across Elizabeth. Her extensive knowledge and genuine care and consideration has exceeded my expectations. Elizabeth is a dedicated barrister who will go above and beyond to assist you and your situation.

Christina Haralampidis Avatar Christina Haralampidis

Elizabeth got me an even better result than we could have asked for! Recommend!

Davis rc racing Avatar Davis rc racing

If you want real results I'd go no further . I highly recommend Elizabeth she is dedicated and a no nonsense barrister that cares and has great legal knowledge, im so glad I came across her . Thanks to her our legal problems went away . Really a fantastic barrister and lovely lady . Thank you Elizabeth

Peta Deboer Avatar Peta Deboer

Elizabeth is incredibly talented with genuine client care. Her legal expertise and execution provided the greatest comfort and resulted in a terrific outcome. Her professionalism and empathy demonstrated was first class throughout the entire process. Highly recommended.

Nicholas Marulli Avatar Nicholas Marulli

As well as being an amazing Barrister with consumate knowledge and skill in the law, Elizabeth is a lovely human with a deep interest in the person she is representing. She rang me one Sunday night about 9 pm to clarify an aspect of my case which impressed me enormously. I could not help saying, ”Elizabeth, it's Sunday night, why are you working, do you not have any friends?“ She laughed which demonstrated on top of all the other good characteristics she also has a sense of humour. So yes, I would definitely use her again should the circumstances arise. She was also not afraid to call me out when I was being stubborn or stupid. Thank you Elizabeth for your skill, judgement and care. Ian Reeders

Silver Fox Avatar Silver Fox

I recently had the privilege of working with Elizabeth McKinnon and I can confidently say that she exceeded all my expectations. Elizabeth McKinnon is an incredibly skilled and knowledgeable lawyer who provided exceptional legal services. From the moment I reached out for assistance, Elizabeth displayed a high level of professionalism, attentiveness, and dedication. She took the time to thoroughly understand our case and listened attentively to our concerns and questions. I felt reassured and confident in her abilities from our very first meeting.One of the standout qualities of Elizabeth is her extensive experience in the field and her deep understanding of the legal system.It was evident that she possessed a wealth of knowledge and was able to navigate even the most complex legal intricacies effortlessly.Throughout the entire process, Elizabeth maintained excellent communication, providing regular updates and promptly addressing any new developments. I greatly appreciated her clear and concise explanations of the legal jargon which made everything easier to understand. Her commitment to keeping me informed constantly provided a sense of comfort and assurance. Not only did Elizabeth showcase exceptional legal expertise, but she also displayed genuine empathy and compassion. She took the time to understand the emotional aspect of our case and offered unwavering support throughout. It was evident that she genuinely cared not only about the legal outcome but also about our overall wellbeing.In addition to her remarkable legal skills, Elizabeth displayed outstanding professionalism and integrity throughout our entire engagement. She exhibited a strong work ethic, always going above and beyond to ensure that every detail was covered with precision and accuracy.I am incredibly grateful for the outstanding representation and guidance I received from Elizabeth. Her exceptional legal skills, combined with her compassionate approach, truly set her apart. From start to finish, she fought tirelessly on our behalf and achieved a favorable outcome that exceeded our expectations.I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth to anyone seeking legal representation. Her dedication to her clients, unparalleled expertise, and innovative legal strategies make her an invaluable asset. If you are in need of a highly skilled and compassionate lawyer, Elizabeth is the one to count on.

Maali Adam Avatar Maali Adam

Elizabeth McKinnon Thank you Elizabeth for giving me my life back. You are amazing. Your knowledge integrity and caring honesty were above anything I could have asked for. You treated my whole family with so much respect and I will be forever grateful. For anyone needing legal representation you are the one. Thank you is not nearly enough. Jake Cowan

Jake Cowan Avatar Jake Cowan

I am in my later years and had to appear in country court and I contacted Elizabeth McKinnon, she said, "leave it with me" and as a result I didn't have to appear, and only received a mandatory sentence, a small fine and NO conviction recorded. THANK YOU for your brilliant work in the courthouse and your Bubbling personality outside the courtroom. Bobby C.

Bob Case Avatar Bob Case

I must extend my deepest gratitude and a massive shoutout to Elizabeth McKinnon, a barrister whose expertise and demeanor are unparalleled in criminal law. Elizabeth is not just the best criminal barrister I've encountered; her unique blend of empathy and toughness sets her apart. She was instrumental in navigating my brother through an incredibly challenging situation. His ex-partner, who had subjected him to over two decades of physical and mental abuse, wrongfully accused him of domestic violence, leading to his criminal charge for assault. This accusation threatened to devastate his personal and professional life.The situation was dire, especially given that the police had charged him without a thorough investigation, blatantly overlooking two instances in October 2022 when he reported being assaulted.Elizabeth McKinnon was nothing short of a game-changer in this scenario. From our first interaction, her honesty and directness were evident. She radiated a sincere belief in my brother's character, who is, without exaggeration, the gentlest soul one could encounter. Elizabeth's approach was a masterful balance of compassion and rigor. She demonstrated deep care for our situation while adopting a formidable stance in defense of my brother. Her diligent efforts in scrutinizing the case, challenging the charges with unwavering determination, led to a remarkable outcome: the charges were dropped before the case could escalate to a full court trial.What struck me most profoundly was Elizabeth's ability to harmonize her nurturing disposition with a formidable, no-nonsense approach in legal matters. Witnessing her relentless advocacy for my brother, in the face of overwhelming odds, was truly inspiring. Her intervention was not just professional legal assistance; it was a lifeline in a time of despair.For anyone facing similar legal battles, I wholeheartedly recommend Elizabeth McKinnon. She is more than just an exceptional barrister; she is a beacon of hope and a true lifesaver in the legal community.Thank you, Elizabeth, for being such an extraordinary human being.

Connie Paglianiti Avatar Connie Paglianiti

I would like to say thank you Elizabeth McKinnon, her professionalism is top notch. She was very responsive to all my questions and explained my options clearly the final outcome i won. I recommend anyone in need of help to contact her you won't be disappointed.

Gaurav Singh Avatar Gaurav Singh

Thank you again for helping my wife Lulu. Really appriciate. The past few week was tough, but Elizabeth really help her alot. Just can't thanks enough. One of the best Lawyer in the town.

Dennis - RWB Avatar Dennis - RWB

From the moment I walked into Elizabeth's office on a Saturday afternoon, I knew I was in exceptional hands. I was pleased with her welcoming hospitality, knowledge and professionalism. I was in a meeting with a barrister who was prepared to listen to my side of the story, to listen to the truth and look me in the eyes and say to me, 'I believe you', 'we are going to win this'. It was at that moment that my faith in the justice system and in barristers was restored. Elizabeth demonstrated integrity throughout my whole case and her passion for the truth was outstanding. She put my personal interests first, above anything else. The team of people who work with her are a force to be reckoned with. The personal care and attention of the whole team as well as their professionalism, is superb! If you want a barrister who is honest, kind, compassionate, genuine, knowledgeable, professional, experienced, responsive, and values integrity, Elizabeth McKinnon is the one for you. Highly recommend her. Thanks for everything you did for me Elizabeth. Thanks for believing in me.

Daniel Cefai Avatar Daniel Cefai

I Highly recommend Eleizabeth McKinnon as a Barrister. She is Fantastic. Extremely thorough and professional. I now have a second chance at life and this lady has protected me and guided me through some tough times. She is compassionate, caring and one extremely proficient Barrister. My family thank you Eleizabeth and you will always hold a special place in my heart. We won’t forget you.

Matt P Avatar Matt P

You are a superstar! You are dedicated, totally professional and achieve outstanding results. You are also caring and have the ability to make your clients feel so confident to have you on their side. Will be grateful to you forever. Thank you Elizabeth

Margaret Lennon Avatar Margaret Lennon

Elizabeth is an amazing outstanding Barrister at Law. Her knowledge, expertise, professionalism in business all sit at a high level and would certainly recommended her without a doubt for Law services in need. Elizabeth has a natural beautiful nature, huge care factor, will help and support her clients in the best of her interest. Her promises are certainly delivered .Thanks Elizabeth

Lou Sinni Avatar Lou Sinni

I am writing under a pen name so my tangles with the law are not out in the public. Elizabeth Mckinnon got me from start to finish without ever being punished by the law or re-offending, since she was clear about what would happen if I did re-offend. My legal troubles were taken to be part of my illness and after a number of simple court cases where I didn't have to do anything, I was let off the hook without any punishment. The greatest thing she did was answer many phone calls from me when I was afraid I would break the law, which she talked me out of doing every time. she went beyond what an ordinary lawyer does and it is thanks to her I am a free citizen who can live like everyone else.

eliza dewey Avatar eliza dewey

Being charged by the police with sexual assault is the most horrible, nightmarish terror one can ever experience. Being charged when one is innocent, the terror is multiplied a hundredfold.Elizabeth is empathic and genuine, she is “the real deal”. She is there when the world seems to be crumbling around you, she is there when torment and terror take over your life. Elizabeth is there when your life is at stake.Elizabeth is a master strategist and defended what, in the legal circles, was considered an “un-winnable case”. A ruthless complainant with the ability to tell lies under oath, with the expectation of a cash bonanza, crafted a case of sexual assault that convinced gullible informants.Elizabeth, a master strategist, was able to unmask the complainant with a masterly set of questions. Elizabeth’s sharp, minute-by-minute, quick thinking exposed the complainant’s narrative as riddled with contradictions, inconsistencies, and lies.The complainant was intelligent but no match for Elizabeth. Elizabeth is the best defence barrister, a thoroughly professional criminal legal expert. There is none better.At the end of the trial, Elizabeth gave a stunning, brilliant, respectful summing of the case, She knew my life depended on winning this un-winnable case. Elizabeth gave the most impassioned speech which was clear, logical and clear thinking characterised her summing up.Thank you, Elizabeth for conducting the case so that justice prevailed despite all predictions to the contrary.Finally, after two weeks on the dock, and having to suffer the most humiliating lies, it took less than sixty minutes for a jury of 12 strangers to arrive at their verdict of “NOT GUILTY”.Julian The Saint

Julian canning Avatar Julian canning

I can’t thank Elizabeth enough for everything she has done for me. She has inspired me to achieve my goals and encouraged me to want be a better person. She has gone out of her way for months to get me when I am today and I couldn’t of done it without her. My family and i will be forever grateful to Elizabeth for what she has done for me and she has done it all out of the kindness of her heart. She is the only person I will ever trust to represent me and I feel that she cared for me as an individual. I felt comfortable from the moment I met her and knew straight away that she believed in me and was willing to go above and beyond to help me. I can't thank her enough!

grace rowe Avatar grace rowe

Elizabeth McKinnon is the Barrister to hire if you want the highest professional representation. She is tenacious in the defence of her clients & she is the one you want on your side. I could not speak more highly of her ability & am thankful for the work she did with my family.

gail grieve Avatar gail grieve
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