Historical Sexual Offences Lawyer Melbourne

In Victoria, an accused can also be charged for ‘historical sexual offending’. This refers to sexual offences that were committed in the past but are only being reported or prosecuted at a later date. These offences can include a range of conduct, such as rape, sexual assault, indecent assault, or incest.

There is no limitation on the time that can pass to report and prosecute a criminal indicatable offence. This means that you could be charged for a sexual offence that was committed in the past, regardless of how much time has passed. Effectively, there is no time limit in Victorian law for making a complaint to police of sexual offending.

In order to prosecute a person for a historical sexual offence, the Prosecution must prove ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ that the offence occurred and that the accused person committed it. This can be challenging in cases of historical sexual offending, as there may be limited physical evidence, or even no physical evidence, and the passage of time can make it difficult to gather witness statements or other important pieces of evidence to assist the accused person with their defence.

It is also important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and that it is the responsibility of the Prosecution to prove that a crime has been committed beyond reasonable doubt. Historical sexual offences can be difficult and technical to defend. Do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth McKinnon to assist you if you have been charged with a historical sexual offence.

The consequences of a criminal record can change your life. It is critical that you engage an expert in criminal law, particularly an expert in sex cases. Elizabeth specialises in defending people charged with sexual offending.

If you have been charged with the offence of Sexual Assault, it is important that you contact Elizabeth as soon as possible to receive legal advice and representation.

The consequences of a criminal record can change your life. It is critical that you engage an expert in criminal law.

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